Entering the Circle is a unique and powerful workshop for mothers and daughters to celebrate Coming-of-Age. Exploring menstruation and the related physical and emotional changes of girlhood – in a safe, honest and relatable way.

Using ritual and sacred space, stories -  ancient and new -  art, writing and facts,  we wish to honor and guide girls and their mothers through the changes of adolescence.


This is a fun, creative, exploratory day to share the wisdom of women’s bodies through yoga, art, stories and ritual.  An enjoyable and meaningful afternoon to connect with each other.


What we will cover: female reproductive anatomy and physiology, physical and emotional signs of menstruation, how to prepare for your first period, self-care techniques to increase comfort during your period and so much more!



  • Does my daughter have to have started her period to be part of this workshop?
    • Not at all. Ultimately the goal of this course is to build confidence, reduce fear, gain self acceptance and deeply connect with your body and the divine feminine.  It is a safe environment to begin the conversation around menstruation and puberty whether you have started your period or not.

  • What is the age window in which we can join?
    • The average age we see is typically between 8-14 years old. If you have a question about your girl specifically, please email us via the contact page.
  • Do we need to be a mother/daughter pair to take this workshop?
    • No, we invite young girls to bring any supportive female in their life.